Choosing the Right Restaurant for a First Date

Planning your first date with a prospective beau can certainly feel exciting. If you're going to take them out for food, choosing a restaurant can feel a little nerve-wracking. Here are some tips for selecting a venue you'll both love.

Do Your Research

While food choices often move through trends, not everyone is going to love the dish of the moment. There's no harm in asking your date if there's anything they love or don't like eating. Finding out whether they have an allergy or an aversion to a certain food type can significantly narrow down the choices available. As a result, you'll find it easier to select one. If they have a specific diet, such as veganism or gluten-free, don't assume that there's an abundance of dishes at each venue you look at. Make sure your date has plenty to choose from.

Go Boutique

Although there's no harm in choosing a chain that's popular, going boutique can sometimes suggest that you've put a little more thought into the date. Choosing an independent venue may also mean you're prioritising fresh ingredients rather than a lot of meals that are pre-cooked and bought in. You may also benefit from a more intimate environment and a romantic ambience. Before making your final decision, look at a variety of review sources online. Places that have consistently great reviews are usually a good bet for first dates.

Check Out the Atmosphere

Finding the right atmosphere is arguably as important as finding somewhere that serves excellent food. If the dishes are fantastic but there's no atmosphere to speak of, you may not have a great first date experience. Reviews sometimes refer to a venue's atmosphere, but the best way to assess it is to pay a visit yourself. If you're really trying to impress your date, head to the place you're considering and go for a drink there to get an idea of what the atmosphere is like. 

Assess the Booking Terms

Once you're sure you've found the restaurant you want, make sure the booking terms are favourable. Do they have a lateness policy? If so, ensure you can arrive on time so that you don't lose your table. Also, is the restaurant likely to impose a time limit per booking? This is less than ideal when you're trying to bond with someone for the first time. Finally, if you book online, make sure you confirm the booking by phone too, that way you'll know that the venue definitely has it.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a restaurant near you, such as Parafield Gardens Community Club Inc.