Chinese Restaurants: 3 Delicious and Healthy Ingredients to Add to Your Congee to Combat Iron Deficiency

Some Australians suffer from iron deficiency. Common symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and irregular heartbeats. Watching what you eat can help you manage symptoms related to iron deficiency. Congee is a great choice when dining at Chinese restaurants as you can pick and choose ingredients. This article will look at 3 delicious ingredients that you should try.

Slices of Pork Liver

Congee is quite plain by itself, so you definitely want to choose some interesting ingredients to spice up the dish that contain a lot of iron. Slices of pork liver are quite popular as they possess a unique and delicate taste and texture that complements the congee well. The slices of pork liver is quite soft although it still has a bit of texture to it. It will melt in your mouth within minutes. The pork liver also adds a delicate flavor to the congee.


Scallop is not only delicious by itself, but will add some flavor to the congee as well. It's rich in iron, like many types of seafood, and is also rich in other essential minerals like zinc and calcium. You can choose between slices of fresh scallop or dried scallop. Fresh scallop is a better choice if you're craving the soft texture of the meat. On the other hand, dried scallop tends to add more flavor although the meat is a bit more gritty.


Don't only add meat into your congee. You should also consider adding some vegetables. Spinach, in particular, contains a lot of iron in addition to other essential nutrients. To avoid degrading the nutrients contained within spinach, ask the chef to add the spinach in your congee at the last possible moment. You only want to cook it slightly to preserve the integrity of as many nutrients as possible. You can even ask for the spinach on the side. Your congee should be hot enough to cook the spinach even if you add it in only several minutes before you eat it.

Congee is a great dish to try. You can pick and choose the ingredients you want and even pick and choose the soup base that is used to make the congee dish. Different ingredients, soup base, garnishments and types of rice can significantly change the taste and texture of the bowl of congee you're served. You should try a combination of different types of ingredients to figure out what you do and do not like at a restaurant like Han Palace.