4 Quick Tips for Your First Time Ordering a Whole Lobster

So, you fancy ordering a whole lobster for your dinner tonight, but you've never done so before. Eating a whole lobster can take some getting used to, and this often scares away first-timers. Instead of going for something simpler, just follow this quick and easy guide.

1. Visit a Good Seafood Restaurant

Firstly, make sure you visit a quality restaurant, preferably one that specialises in seafood. Their lobster dishes might be more expensive, but this is one meal where you'll truly be getting what you pay for. Lobster that isn't cooked to perfection can put you off for life with its rubbery texture, and lobster that isn't fresh enough can offer yellowy meat that doesn't enjoy the same rich, creamy flavour you should be sampling. Eating lobster doesn't tend to be an everyday event, so make the most of it by looking for the best.

2. Know What to Expect

Eating lobster can be a little unnerving; after all, you'll have the whole animal set in front of you, and you'll be expected to get its meat out by yourself. One thing you need to know is what to expect. For example, you might notice a white, runny substance inside your lobster; this is just what happens to the animal's blood during the boiling process, and it isn't anything to worry about. You might also find a green substance towards the lobster's centre; this is the tomalley. You can eat it, but many people simply discard it.

3. Put on the Bib!

When you order a whole lobster, you'll be presented with a bib. Even if you feel a little bit silly, make sure you put that bib on. There's a surprising amount of water inside a lobster that can squirt out without warning, and you'll be using melted butter to add flavour. This can result in juice and butter stains all over your top, which is probably something you want to avoid.

4. Eat it Right

Now it's time to discuss the bit you've been waiting for: how to eat the lobster. It's best to start with the tail since this is the part that will cool down quickest. Break it away from the body, remove the tail flippers, then extract the meat by pushing in a fork and pulling it all out at once, removing the black vein running along the length of the tail before eating. Next, crack the body along the bottom to fish out the meat inside. Finally, you can use the cracker provided to get inside the claws.