How to Get Your Picky Eater to Try Indian Food

If you're the parent of a picky eater, you probably end up serving your child the same bland foods every day, and there is no shame in that. At least that way you know your child is going to eat something and acquire the basic nutrition needed to grow. However, this approach can get boring, and you no doubt find yourself wishing your child would branch out a little. Well, many kids that refuse to try new dishes at home are a lot more willing to try new foods if they are eating at a restaurant, especially if they are allowed to bring a friend along that they admire. The peer pressure will hopefully lead your child to eat what the friend eats!

Indian food is a great choice for kids that are getting used to new taste sensations. Yes, there is plenty of spicy food on the menu, but there are also many milder dishes that would suit your child. Read on for some tips and tricks on getting your child to try new dishes and hopefully fall in love with Indian food.

Keep it simple

For your unadventurous child, consider ordering something that will look familiar. Some great options are chicken dishes with rice or perhaps some shrimp. If your child refuses to try these, you can't go wrong with a naan bread and a bowl of plain white rice. Hopefully, once your child sees you tucking into your more adventurous fare, he or she will be encouraged to try the same thing, though you may need to work up to this over a few visits!

Make it playful 

The great thing about Indian food is that so much of it can be eaten just using your fingers, something that will appeal to even the pickiest of picky eaters. Order plenty of poppadums (preferably with a yummy assortment of dips, such as mango salsa and mint), naan, bhaajis and samosas, and let your child play!  

Pick different textures

Most picky eaters have a preferred texture that they like to eat, and Indian food covers most bases. If your child likes something smooth, go for something like a lovely dhal soup; if he or she prefers crispy textures, then poppadums and samosas are bound to be a hit, and if chewy textures are the order of the day, maybe a nice dish that contains paneer (an Indian cheese, and what child doesn't love cheese?) or a chicken dish.

Keep it mild!

Most Indian dishes can have the spice level adjusted, so to be sure to request your child's dish be made mild. Save the vindaloo for future visits!

And, finally, be sure to let your child know just how much you are enjoying your dish! With plenty of encouragement and experimentation, it shouldn't be long before your little one is asking for visits to your local Indian restaurant on a regular basis.