Chinese Cuisine: Three Guidelines on Choosing Healthy Meals When Eating Out

If you are on a diet and enjoy having Chinese cuisine, you might be cautious about going to a restaurant. Most people assume that eating out and maintaining a healthy diet is impossible. While this can be challenging, it can be done with a little discipline. In simple terms, if you evaluate and compare your options before making an order, you can keep your calories intake at your preferred level. If not, you might end up throwing out your diet plan. Here are some simple guidelines to help you make healthy decisions when eating out.

Choose Steamed Rice over Fried 

You should think about ordering steamed rice instead of the fried alternative. Fried white rice is scrumptious and will keep you wanting more. Unfortunately, if you have some health concerns concerning fats, it is not the ideal choice. Steamed rice is a healthy option which does not contain significant oils. Also, this meal is usually filling, so you will experience great satisfaction. If you are on a strict diet or have underlying medical conditions, you should inquire about the availability of brown rice.

Minimise Your Deep Fried Orders

There are numerous deep-fried dishes which are enjoyed by all Chinese cuisine lovers. These foods range from fried egg rolls and Kung Pao chicken to sweet and sour pork and deep-fried dumplings. Fortunately, you will find healthy alternatives which use the same main ingredients but with minimal oil or fat content. If you are interested in meat such as chicken or fish, you can choose grilled dishes. If you would like dumplings, you can order steamed foods which are low in calories. You can also minimise the intake of heavy sauces. Instead, use alternatives such as soy sauces.

Consider Dishes with Vegetables

You should not forget to order veggies with your meals. Vegetables are perfect for anyone trying to cut the calories because they have high fibre content. The fibre is not absorbed, so it does not contribute to weight. Moreover, the material will leave you feeling full and accelerate digestion. Also, there are numerous minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in this category of foods. Vegetables are cooked in multiple ways; you should inquire about your options before making a decision. Also, you can order steamed vegetable dumplings or vegetable spring rolls if you are not interested in a salad. 

Chinese cuisine does not mean the end of your dieting plan. There are numerous healthy meals, so you should not be afraid to inquire about the options. For more advice, contact a local Chinese restaurant.