Two Tips for Parents Who Are Planning to Have Their Child’s Party at a Restaurant

There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when you have kids' parties in restaurants. Below are two particularly important things to keep in mind when prepping for a celebration in this type of venue.

Be considerate of others when buying and displaying party decorations

If the party is going to have a particular theme, then you may want to buy your own party decorations and bring them to the restaurant so that you can display them around the table where your child and their guests will be eating. When picking out and hanging up these decorations, you must be mindful of how certain decorative objects might affect the restaurant's employees and the other people who will be dining on the premises during the party.

For example, it's best not to bring along a piñata, as it will make a huge mess when it is broken open by the children, which the busy restaurant employees will then have to clean up. Similarly, you should avoid bringing confetti-filled balloons, as if the children pop these balloons, the confetti will go flying all over the floor and leave the staff with yet another cleaning task.

Helium balloons are a better choice than normal, air-filled ones, as the children will probably be too short to reach up and then burst the former. This not only means that the decorations won't end up spoiled but will also ensure that the dining experiences of nearby customers won't be ruined by having to listen to the sound of balloons being popped. If you decide to use helium balloons, make sure that the strings that they're attached to are tied onto the backs of your chairs at the restaurant so that they don't float around the restaurant and collide with the people sitting at other tables.

Make sure you are clear when telling the restaurant's employees how to store any cake you bring with you

Receiving their cake and getting to blow out their candles is usually the highlight of a child's birthday. As such, if the party you'll be having will be to celebrate your kid's birthday, then you may want to bring a cake with you to the restaurant and ask the staff to store it in the kitchen and bring it out at the end of the meal. Whilst these employees will do their utmost to keep this cake in perfect condition whilst it's in their possession, it is your responsibility to give them all of the information they will need to do this.

For example, if it's an ice-cream cake, you must tell them this as soon as you drop it off at the restaurant so that they can immediately put it into their freezer. Similarly, if the cake has any fresh cream that could spoil or frosting that could melt in a warm environment, you must mention this and instruct them to store it in their fridge until you ask them to serve it at the party. Last but not least, you should ensure that you give them the correct number of birthday candles and tell them if you want these candles positioned on certain parts of the cake.