Ingenious Sports Bar Menu Ideas

A menu is something that most sports bar owners often ignore, not knowing that small changes make the most significant difference in the restaurant sector. It is especially the case today since patrons notice the little details. Therefore, if you want a share of the 20.08 billion AUD that restaurants made in 2018, you should revamp your menu. Fortunately, making your menu interesting, attractive, and functional is not tricky. This article looks at different menu ideas that will transform your sports bar.

Name Drinks And Dishes After Teams And Players

Typically, sports bars are fun-filled spots where fans love to gather, get a burger, and wash it down with their favourite drink. Sports bars attract different types of fans, which is often the tricky part for sports bar owners when preparing a menu. However, it should not be the case because all it takes is to speak the fans' language. For instance, rather than use the original names of drinks and dishes on a menu, you can name them after popular local sports teams and players. Alternatively, you can design a menu in the shape and colour of a local team's jersey. As long as you capture the hearts of patrons, your sports bar will always be packed.

Informational Menus

Certainly, the primary purpose of a menu is to inform guests what your sports bar is serving and, in some cases, the price of each dish or drink. However, it is not the only piece of information you can offer customers. With careful design, you can include the local championship's statistics at the back of a menu. For example, you can print the local football team's current league position, the number of goals scored, the current best player, and so on. The best part is that you can include the stats on different menus and place them on various tables. It will encourage patrons to sit at a table with a menu detailing their favourite team's statistics.

Sporty Shape

If you run a sports bar, why settle for the boring rectangular, book-like menus you see on every other restaurant around the block? You should aim to awe your clients every time they walk into your sports bar, and what better place to start than with the shape of your menu. Instead of the tried and tested angular booklet design, conceptualise your menus in the form of a football, rugby ball, goal post, or even the silhouette of a famous sports personality in the country or locality. It will strike a chord with your patrons and keep the business running.